Ohio Leads Sales of Autogas…What!  

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 1.45.25 PMShockingly Ohio is ranked eighth in the U.S for propane fueled vehicles but things are just getting started.

Over the next few years, Ohio has the resources to take the lead in the conversion of thousands of fleets to Liquid Propane Autogas.

Ohio companies were early adopters in energy efficiency efforts and that points to the bright future of propane vehicles in Ohio.

Mike Hayden of Co-Alliance explains, pupil transportation and delivery trucks are best suited for Autogas in Ohio. Industries dealing with the private sector like HVAC, school buses, and food delivery are easy to contact and most interested in saving on the bottom line.

As Mike explained, in todays market converting fleets to Autogas makes great sense.  By utilizing Autogas, fleets can expect to dramatically reduce emissions and their carbon footprint as well as lowering the cost of operations. Co-Alliance is leading the charge in propane powered busses, Co-Alliance currently fuels around 165 busses in the surrounding area.

For more information: OhioAutoGas.com

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