Make a Fleet Sale? Get FREE Marketing

When you make an Autogas fleet sale, contact our OPGA Autogas Marketing Team and we’ll offer your company a number of exciting, FREE ways spread the word in your marketing area.

News conferences, live broadcasts on Facebook and news releases are just a few of the FREE marketing items we’ll do for you company.

We would like to promote your company in a similar fashion to this Franklin County broadcast below. This is a great opportunity to reach thousands of viewers, and gain great publicity for your company.

For the Franklin County Sheriff the OPGA Marketing Team got C&R News to do a live broadcast during the county’s annual parade. The show reached over 20,107 Franklyn County residents.

Email us at and let us know your name, location and tell us a little about you fleet sale. You can also call Joe Ross directly at 517-281-3069. He heads up the OPGA marketing team.

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