Who is Doing These Fleet Conversions and Why?

Ohio’s Leading Conversion Companies include CleanFuel USA, Roush, Icom and for facilities there’s IPS Industrial.

Ronny Martinez, ICOM

Ronny Martinez of ICOM North America explained that there are many reasons why a fleet should convert and it all starts with significantly lowering cost of operations, which includes low fuel cost and savings in maintenance.

In addition to saving money, fleets would lower their carbon footprint, which can help a fleet differentiate itself from a competitor. As a Autogas retailer if you explain these competitive advantages to fleet owners, Liquid Propane Autogas sells itself.

Propane is an inherently clean burning fuel due to its lower carbon content. When used as a vehicle fuel, propane can offer life cycle greenhouse (GHG) emissions benefits over conventional fuels, depending on vehicle type, and drive cycle. In addition, using propane in place of petroleum-based fuels may reduce some tailpipe emissions.

When all factors are considered, propane provides a reliable, cleaner burning fuel than similar alternative fuel systems, as well as better long-term cost savings

For more information: OhioAutoGas.com

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